From Domesday to Dukedom – a history of the Pierrepont family


The Radcliffe Local History Society has asked me if I would put a note in the Heron about Pam Priestland’s new book, ‘From Domesday to Dukedom and Beyond – The history of the Pierrepont Family’. Having read it avidly since receiving it as a Christmas present and reached page 315 of the 464 pages, I am delighted to do more, and to commend it to all readers who have any interest in their locality or history generally. With remarkable scholarship – the references cover 6 A4 pages – Pam unfolds the story of the remarkable family which has owned Holme Pierrepont Hall from the early 1100s to the present time, and probably had a bigger impact on our County than any other, changing the landscapes of a score of its parishes and influencing its public life. The Pierreponts also impacted national life, especially in the 1600s, when its menfolk were leaders of both Royalist and Parliamentarian armies, and close advisers to Cromwell and both King Charleses! Two were Dukes of Kingston-on-Hull. Others contributed to the arts and sciences. The family also produced remarkable women, such as Lady Mary who introduced inoculation against smallpox into England in the 1720s. There is plenty of ‘human interest’, some gory, some scandalous. But Pam’s book, being so comprehensive, is not always a light read, and there are passages most will want to skip through (while looking at the copious illustrations). Nor, at £25/30 paperback/hardback, is it cheap; but it is excellent value, and will provide your bed-time reading for months. Available from the author on 9332430, or email; .

Robert Breckles.

Holme Pierrepont Hall

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