The bells! The Bells!

If, like me, you love to hear the sound of church bells ringing, you could help keep the tradition alive. Our band of ringers was re-formed to celebrate the new Millennium. Unfortunately, the number of ringers is not now as great as it was then, and we are looking for “new blood” to join us!

If you would like to give this ancient art a try, contact Colin Wightman (our Tower Captain, on 0115 981 0413, or by email at: Practices are held on a Thursday evening in church. You will be very welcome. Do come and join us!


Christingle 2016

Over one hundred people joined us for our annual Christingle service. The singing was enhanced by the performances of the Pierrepont Gamston school choir. The Revd Mark led the service, but not robed, as we all know him – but dressed as a Christingle himself! The children and their parents were captivated by his explanations of what it all meant.

20161204_162629Rita and Keith Pratt had, as usual, produced the Christingles for  the children to take home. I’m sure that all will remember the singing of “Away in a manger” in a darkened church, lit only by candles – a truly magical experience….!


Churchwarden Brenda’s Notes for December

Hi All

As I write this, I cannot believe it is only 4 weeks to Christmas. Do you feel, like me, that time is going too quickly and that I do not seem to have enough hours in the day to do all that I would like to do?

November saw Howard, Ian H, Herbert and I, together with Jeanette and Sylvia, welcome 5 couples who are celebrating their weddings at St. Edmund’s next year together with Andrew and Judith who are our last couple to get married this year, on 29 December. The informal wedding information morning is a lovely way for us to get to know them and for them to get to know us as well as each other and to be introduced to St. Edmund’s.

The following evening we commemorated Remembrance Sunday, which as always was well attended, welcoming descendants of the men remembered on our Lych Gate, 2 representatives from the Royal British Legion as flag bearers, County Cllr. Kay Cutts, Borough Cllr J. Wheeler and Mrs. Cynthia Stacey representing the Parish Council, these 3 laying wreaths at the altar. The service was followed by light refreshments. Thanks to all who helped with this, to Cynthia for the poppy decorations and to the bell-ringers who rang before the service.

There will be no issue next month (January) so please note our service times, shown elsewhere on the website.

May I wish you all good tidings for Christmas and the New Year?


Churchwarden Brenda’s November Notes

The season of Autumn is here, shown not only by the drop in temperature but the changing colours of the trees and leaves dropping to the ground.   Travelling around the county I am totally enthralled by the hue of different colours and in awe of what Mother Nature can bring.   Even at my age (?? years) I still can’t resist looking for and even picking up conkers when I see them as I walk down Trent Boulevard.

We celebrated Harvest time with our service on 9th October. Following the service, 27 members of the congregation enjoyed a 3-course lunch – Tomato Soup kindly made by Sylvia Wakefield, Steak Pie mash and vegetables, and a wonderful choice of puddings donated by various members of the congregation.   A very enjoyable time was had by all.   Donated perishable goods were auctioned off after the meal and tinned goods were donated to The Friary.   Thank you to all who helped, contributed in any way, especially Jean & Danuta in the kitchen, and of course to all who supported the event.

Last weekend a working party was held    Ian G and Cynthia finished off treating the rafters of the Lychgate. Colin treated the notice board, Jean, Brian and I worked on the ground level gutters and tidying up the pathways.   We all did other general clearing up. Thank you.

When our Bell Frame needed replacing and the ringing room floor was lowered at a cost of £45,000, we received a grant from the Southwell & Nottingham Diocese and the Bingham District Guild Bell Repair Fund.   On Friday 18th November at 7.00 pm {7.30 pm start) the Bingham District are holding a Race night as a fund-raising event in support of the fund, at Radcliffe on Trent Royal British Legion. Entrance fee is £5.00 including light refreshments.   If you would like to come to this fun evening or would like more information then please contact either Colin & Jean Wightman or me.

We ask you to remember in your prayers Richard Cumberland, Elizabeth and Robin Brackenbury and Howard.

We wish them all well.


Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival Service, conducted jointly by Brenda & the Revd Howard,  was followed by  lunch, with a glass of wine.   Twenty seven of us sat down to a three course meal, of Sylvia’s renowned tomato soup, Brumpton’s steak pie and the usual amazing selection of puddings. As ever, we all enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to all those involved in preparing the food beforehand, and/or helping on the day! Without you it could not happen.


Sylvia, our new “Heron” editor writes………

Hi, friends
I’ve been given the pleasure of taking over the Heron from Ruth who has rather a large workload and this also fits in with my lifestyle at the moment. I’ve had to retire from the PCC due to evening meetings and also give up editing the Community Association Newsletter (which I have thoroughly enjoyed and have done for over 30 years}. Being asked to do this came as a very welcome surprise.
I will do my best to make it as interesting as possible and would welcome any input from readers—just contact me on 9815102 by the 20th of any month if you would like to contribute.
I believe the Holy Spirit was at work in enabling others to recognise my need for an alternative way of contributing to the work of the parish.
Please take note of the questions in Mark’s letter because I think we all can learn to recognise His presence in our daily lives and it’s so good to be able to share it.

Well met at Porthmadog!

On a recent holiday to North Wales, Danuta, Ian & Nick (who took the photo), met Angela and Rob on a wet and windy day, on the Ffestiniog Railway dsc06665platform!

Churchwarden Brenda’s Notes for October

Dear All

Welcome back to ‘The Heron’ and to its new editor – Sylvia Wilkins of All Hallows.

Again September has been a quiet month in the life of St. Edmund’s.   Many of the congregation taking advantage of children returning or starting school to take their annual holidays.   Brian and I were among those, taking ourselves off to Cornwall for a week.   We had a lovely time and had the weather to take full advantage of the beautiful walks and scenery.

Today (25th Sept) is the Robin Hood Marathon and both Ruth and I experienced problems this morning in making it down to St. Edmund’s as Trent Boulevard was closed to all traffic.   It was even worse getting home as there were actual runners on the road and only one crossing point getting from the south side of Lady Bay to the north side.   While waiting for a suitable ‘gap’  I watched many pass by having reached the 19 mile point with another 7 to go and wondered to myself if they really enjoy it?   Going by the pained looks on their faces and movement of their bodies, I have my doubts.   But I suppose, like the Olympic athletes, their dedication and training gives them the sense of achievement and makes it all worthwhile when they cross the finish line.

A wedding blessing took place on 17 September of Kristoffer Field and Samantha Powell and we wish them every happiness in the future together.


SEPTEMBER NEWS from Churchwarden Brenda

Dear All
Well it looks as though you will have to put up with my ramblings a little longer as there seems to be no news as yet on the Pierrepont Heron newsletter.

For St. Edmund’s, August has been a quiet month which has given us the opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather and of course the Olympics. I must confess that I am not an avid sports fan and the thought of 2 weeks continual sport on the television – ughhh! I was of course delighted when all the training, effort and dedication of the athletes and their support teams paid off and they won a medal – whatever colour. The look of joy on their faces was inspiring. But whether they were successful in winning or not they are all winners.

By the way, I have been converted, as I am now a fan of the Velodrome cycling events and the Triathlon. There is hope for me yet.

With thanks again to the Parish Council, our Lychgate has been treated and is now protected against whatever the weather brings.


August News from Churchwarden Brenda

Dear All

I must apologise for not producing a newsletter last month, but my work contract and preparing for the arrival of my daughter and her family from Sweden for 12 days’ holiday seemed to take over my life.   Fortunately things have returned somewhat back to normal (whatever that is!!!!). There is good news on the horizon in that the Pierrepont Heron will hopefully resume for September.

Well what can I say, July started off in the best possible way with the Flower Festival organised by the North Midland (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire) Federation of Flower Arranging Clubs .   I was in awe, as I am sure you were if you took a tour round the Hall, gardens and church, of the truly wonderful floral arrangements and the imagination of the designers. The weather was also kind which is a bonus in itself.  Ian Godson has very kindly posted photos of the ones in church on our website (if you were uanable to make it).

The Holme Pierrepont and Gamston Parish Council held their meeting in church.   It is always good to welcome them as their continued support to the Church is invaluable. They are continuing to fund the churchyard grass cutting and this year as well, are paying for the Lych Gate timber to be treated.  Our continued thanks go to them.

On Friday, 22nd July, we held our Annual Barbecue in the west churchyard. For a change, after the last two years, the weather was kind to us, although we did worry about the heavy black clouds gathering as we were lighting the barbecues. Fortunately, the few spots of rain came to nothing.

Around thirty people, congregation and friends joined us. It was good to see the Revd Robert and Kate again, now living in retirement in Robert’s childhood home in Wollaton.  Although the barbecues have never been fund-raising events, there is generally a profit made, after the generous donations of salads, puddings, etc. This year’s was around £170. Thank you everyone who contributed to the event, especially our chef Ian.  With him and you all, it could not be a success.

A date for your Diary:

Sunday 9th October – 11.00 am Harvest Festival, followed by a lunch in church

Please note, there will be no evening service on that day!