Churchwarden Brenda’s notes for April


We had some good news last month in that it was the pump on our boiler that had broken and not the boiler itself.   The pump has now been replaced and the system is working, much to the relief of everyone.   As the boiler is over 30yrs old, the PCC will now need to discuss possible replacement.

Fortunately the heating was fixed in time for 27 church members and friends to enjoy our March Munch on the 4th.   Soup (kindly made by Sylvia Wakefield), steak pie, mashed potatoes and vegetables and contributions of a variety of puddings were enjoyed by all.   Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the evening a success.

A working party was held on the 18th where Jean, Brian, Charles and myself made a start on clearing up the churchyard, Margaret and Dorothy did some spring cleaning in church and Ian and Colin set to to mend our crockery cupboard in the kitchen.   They originally thought it would take them 15 minutes but it turned out to be the morning – as we have found out to our cost at home, it’s typical of D.I.Y. when it turns out not to be as simple as you thought.  Thank you to everyone who helped.

Next month, we are holding our A.G.M. on 23rd April after Evensong at 7.15pm.   If you are on the Church’s Electoral Roll and would like to stand as member of the Committee or as a Church Warden, would you please put your name on the appropriate sheet which will be at the rear of the church.

Please remember in your prayers Richard and Rae Cumberland and Elizabeth and Robin Brackenbury.