Churchwarden Brenda’s Notes for October

Dear All

Welcome back to ‘The Heron’ and to its new editor – Sylvia Wilkins of All Hallows.

Again September has been a quiet month in the life of St. Edmund’s.   Many of the congregation taking advantage of children returning or starting school to take their annual holidays.   Brian and I were among those, taking ourselves off to Cornwall for a week.   We had a lovely time and had the weather to take full advantage of the beautiful walks and scenery.

Today (25th Sept) is the Robin Hood Marathon and both Ruth and I experienced problems this morning in making it down to St. Edmund’s as Trent Boulevard was closed to all traffic.   It was even worse getting home as there were actual runners on the road and only one crossing point getting from the south side of Lady Bay to the north side.   While waiting for a suitable ‘gap’  I watched many pass by having reached the 19 mile point with another 7 to go and wondered to myself if they really enjoy it?   Going by the pained looks on their faces and movement of their bodies, I have my doubts.   But I suppose, like the Olympic athletes, their dedication and training gives them the sense of achievement and makes it all worthwhile when they cross the finish line.

A wedding blessing took place on 17 September of Kristoffer Field and Samantha Powell and we wish them every happiness in the future together.