Churchwarden Brenda’s November Notes

The season of Autumn is here, shown not only by the drop in temperature but the changing colours of the trees and leaves dropping to the ground.   Travelling around the county I am totally enthralled by the hue of different colours and in awe of what Mother Nature can bring.   Even at my age (?? years) I still can’t resist looking for and even picking up conkers when I see them as I walk down Trent Boulevard.

We celebrated Harvest time with our service on 9th October. Following the service, 27 members of the congregation enjoyed a 3-course lunch – Tomato Soup kindly made by Sylvia Wakefield, Steak Pie mash and vegetables, and a wonderful choice of puddings donated by various members of the congregation.   A very enjoyable time was had by all.   Donated perishable goods were auctioned off after the meal and tinned goods were donated to The Friary.   Thank you to all who helped, contributed in any way, especially Jean & Danuta in the kitchen, and of course to all who supported the event.

Last weekend a working party was held    Ian G and Cynthia finished off treating the rafters of the Lychgate. Colin treated the notice board, Jean, Brian and I worked on the ground level gutters and tidying up the pathways.   We all did other general clearing up. Thank you.

When our Bell Frame needed replacing and the ringing room floor was lowered at a cost of £45,000, we received a grant from the Southwell & Nottingham Diocese and the Bingham District Guild Bell Repair Fund.   On Friday 18th November at 7.00 pm {7.30 pm start) the Bingham District are holding a Race night as a fund-raising event in support of the fund, at Radcliffe on Trent Royal British Legion. Entrance fee is £5.00 including light refreshments.   If you would like to come to this fun evening or would like more information then please contact either Colin & Jean Wightman or me.

We ask you to remember in your prayers Richard Cumberland, Elizabeth and Robin Brackenbury and Howard.

We wish them all well.