Revd Howard’s August Notes

August ramblings

Now that August is here, it’s time for summery thoughts in anticipation of those long, hot sunny days basking in the fine weather of this season. Time to get away perhaps for a few days from the ‘normal’ pattern of living, to recharge one’s batteries, time for some ’me’ time and needed R & R….I hope that your plans in the coming weeks are achieved just as you dreamed.

Thinking back on the events of the past few weeks and months it would seem that it is not only us but much of the world that is in need of some ‘time out’ to allow clearer assessment to be made of just where the world is going to. Leadership in many places and at all levels, including that of the most powerful and influential nations seems to be confused about how to respond to the needs of  ordinary people and how appropriate relationships can be developed and maintained across international and cultural boundaries. Is there perhaps a tendency for isolationist views  to be gaining ground?

Perhaps a significant facet of this traditional period of relaxation and of recreation is to give opportunity for a space to review our life aims and objectives, not primarily from the narrow vision of ‘self’ but within the  broader picture…there is much wisdom in the old Chinese saying.. ‘the longest journey begins with a single step..’…individual actions do matter and can bring change.

In this connection, I was reminded of the appropriateness of an Old Testament lesson for  Sunday [7th Sunday after Trinity]…an account of a conversation between Yahweh and the  new young King of Israel, Solomon. The young ruler in reply to Yahweh’s question ‘what shall I give thee??…’ asked ‘…give your servant an understanding heart to govern your people…that I may discern between good and bad…’ [1 Kings 3, v 5-12]. Solomon’s vision was based upon his acceptance of his responsibilities to all and sundry… not a bad model to follow it seems to me!! [and Yahweh came to the same conclusion too!!]

This summer can be our chance to be re-created….to re-define our aims and objectives looking ahead, a time to review and be refreshed.

I trust that you will all enjoy the period ahead and face the future refreshed and strengthened.

God Bless