Revd Howard’s Christmas thoughts……

Christmas is coming……….

It would be very easy to pen a few lines commenting on the gulf that seemingly exists between the current practice of ‘doing’ Christmas with all the accent on commercialism and the materialistic bias to the celebration and its origins. But in a way that wouldn’t help at all….Christmas has at its heart  a basic [but very profound] understanding that it has to do with giving and receiving and the relationship between individuals that such acts engender

The Christian tradition has as its basis a celebration that, in a Middle Eastern country some 2000 years ago, God himself chose to become one with his creation …with his people in an act that speaks clearly of,  and invites, a close relationship between God and Humankind. This is what makes Christmas special and different; it offers the removal .. the breakdown of any barrier between God and mankind.. so iconically and powerfully represented by the giving of that most precious gift …a tiny child.

It is in the experience of most of us that the appearance on the scene of a baby can be the means of strengthening and bonding human relationships.

The gifts that we, at this season, rush out to buy, carefully wrap and present may, in comparison, be relatively small and insignificant but perhaps we would do well to recognise that in the simple act of giving and receiving there is made the offer of renewed and strengthened relationships …the offer of love, hope and support…and who of us cannot honestly say that these are the relationships we desire and the world needs most?

A return to recalling that Christmas is the celebration of Gods offer of friendship, love and relationship to us would, without doubt, refocus our festivities towards the revitalisation of relationship one with another and back to the event that lies at the heart of the festival….and who would disagree that in this modern world that would bring about much needed change.

Jeanette joins me in wishing that you all have a wonderful celebration this Christmas and that in spite of all the hustle and bustle of preparation there will be opportunity for love, joy and hope to recharge all our relationships.

God bless