Revd Mark’s October thoughts….

Dear friends

I love the warmth and length of summer days. As the nights draw in, and green gives way to russet on the trees, I am prone to feel a bit sad. The colours can be beautiful but we know they are the colours of life retrenching ahead of the darkness and frigidity of winter. But autumn is also the season when we celebrate the harvest. This is the time when the storehouses are filled.

I think this might be a helpful way about thinking about the season we’re in at All Hallows’ and St. Edmund’s. The summertime of having our students with us has come to an end and we might be feeling like the life they brought has drawn back. But much as we might miss those bright summer days we might also think about what we might gather in to the storehouse of our life together.

Andi, Darren, Ed, Gail and Ivor, and their families, and Jess too, in the time she was with us, brought new life. But they didn’t take it all away again. Their presence was a catalyst for spiritual awakening and growth in a number of people. That growth in faith is something we need to harvest for the benefit of all. How has your faith changed in the past two years? How has your relationship with God deepened? How might this be a gift you can share with other members of the church and in time with others in our community?

These are the questions I invite you to ponder as we approach a new season in our life together. I’d be really pleased to talk with you about what the answer might be for you.