SEPTEMBER NEWS from Churchwarden Brenda

Dear All
Well it looks as though you will have to put up with my ramblings a little longer as there seems to be no news as yet on the Pierrepont Heron newsletter.

For St. Edmund’s, August has been a quiet month which has given us the opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather and of course the Olympics. I must confess that I am not an avid sports fan and the thought of 2 weeks continual sport on the television – ughhh! I was of course delighted when all the training, effort and dedication of the athletes and their support teams paid off and they won a medal – whatever colour. The look of joy on their faces was inspiring. But whether they were successful in winning or not they are all winners.

By the way, I have been converted, as I am now a fan of the Velodrome cycling events and the Triathlon. There is hope for me yet.

With thanks again to the Parish Council, our Lychgate has been treated and is now protected against whatever the weather brings.