The Revd Howard’s February thoughts….

My Musings…..

To say that things sometimes fail to go according to plan is not a particularly deep thought; for most of us, it is a common truism and our life path and plan has to be in constant review and re-assessment. This train of thought has been set in motion for me as I muse over the events of the beginning of this New Year… No matter where you stand on any political spectrum it remains true for us all that the results of the voting of last summer to leave or stay within the EU and the more recent Presidential election in the USA dominate much media space and introduce, unexpectedly perhaps, that element of surprise and ’whoever would have thought that could happen…’ into our lives

I was reminded that this is not a new phenomenon by a reading for evensong last Sunday…the story of Jacob’s adventure into the desert [Gen 28, 10-22] and his unexpected experience of God himself acting in the everyday events. To say the least Jacob found himself challenged and compelled to rethink his life choices

I just wonder whether in our more contemplative moments we as individuals may see the unexpected events as some sort of a wake-up call to encourage us to reassess our attitudes to questions and situations that perhaps we regarded as too remote to be that important?

How do we really feel about our relationship with neighbouring countries and cultures…and not only on that macro scale but closer to home how do/should we relate and what is our real responsibility to the communities and neighbourhoods of which we are physically a part? Something about being ‘our brother’s keeper….’ comes to mind!

All of this is perhaps a bit deep and certainly challenging but none the less, a reflection of what may face us…a reminder that whether we like it or not distant events do impact upon each of us in some way and challenge us to respond.

Fortunately as Jacob, with the problems he saw coming his way, was soon assured that there was help  alongside ..’’I am with thee and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest…’’said the Lord [Gen 28,v15] …are we being reminded too that there is a power greater than ours to aid in bringing peace and justice into the world…maybe our resolution for this year ought to be to seek something of that divine help too