The Revd Howard’s thoughts for May

Random musing!!

One of the really good things about this time of year I think is that we are surrounded by change….almost imperceptibly . Fields, hedgerows even our gardens show dramatic changes ….yes I know its all about Spring but somehow I for one am always surprised by what I see

But there are also the changes about us too that are not nearly so welcome …I am still surprised by the much publicised actions of how badly people as individuals and communities respond to each other…hostility is never it seems off the human agenda. And yet there are also perhaps even more occasions [less reported] when  we can see benevolent humanity in action

There was this weekend something hugely uplifting I felt in the pictures of one marathon runner supporting a fellow, but physically suffering, athlete across the finish line in the London Marathon sacrificing his own finish time in order that the other could finish the run, achieve a time and gain his medal too!!  A trivial episode maybe but illustrative of what can and often is achieved by ordinary folk in their lives…helps redress the imbalance of horrors taking all the limelight

I guess action like that one and the changing signs about us of new life and new beginnings is just what this season of Easter is all about..namely …HOPE..

Desmond Tutu, [not unusually!] seems to get it right

‘Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.’

There are many many signs of hope about us if we can only let ourselves see that the light is more powerful than the darkness…illumination that can ‘guide our feet into the way of peace..‘ to quote someone else [Luke 1,79]

I pray that the effect of the evolving Spring of Hope will enlighten your lives.